Session III details: Volcanism and Volcanotectonics

Conveners: Olivier Galland (U Oslo), Eoghan Holohan (GFZ);
Keynote Speakers:

  • Rikke Pedersen (U Iceland): Surface deformation simulations of volcanic and tectonic processes in Iceland
  • Olivier Roche (U BP Clermont-Ferrand): Experimental work on the dynamics of pyroclastic flows (Preliminary title)

Volcanic plumbing systems evolve through the interaction of numerous processes governing the ascent, emplacement, and eruption of magma. A full physical understanding of sub-volcanic and volcanic processes faces stimulating challenges. For instance (1) magma transport through the Earth’s crust is not only governed by the mechanical behaviour of the magma or of the host rock, but also by the complex interplay between them. In addition, (2) magma eruption is governed by the complex rheology of the magma and multiphase flows involving gas, liquid and solid phases, with sometimes moving conduit walls. Advanced and quantitative experimental, numerical, and theoretical modelling techniques are thus crucial to unravel these challenging and exciting processes. The Volcanotectonic and Volcanic Processes Session of this GeoMod 2014 international meeting aims to bring together laboratory, numerical and theoretical modellers studying the complex processes governing the mechanics of magma/ host rock systems, and volcanic eruptions.